Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby's All Grown Up

So, I'm awful at blogging. Already! But rather than put this at the end of the line of previous blog posts I created in my mind without actually posting, I wanted to announce that this kid graduated. Yup. Baby of the family graduated- as valedictorian and senior class president- and now he's heading off to BYU TOMORROW! I can't believe he's old enough to do all this, but he is.
I've been home the last few months, and so I've had a blessed opportunity to spend lots of time with Jeff. We even went running a few times a week at 5:30 in the morning. That lasted only a few months, but it was fun.
Moving home definitely is not what I planned, and now I'm gone again, but I see that time as a gift to reconnect with my family again. It was particularly special for me to become friends with Jeff and see him not as the little kid, but as a young man getting ready to go off on his own. I'm impressed with the maturity I see in him. He'll have lots of growing experiences ahead, but he's a steady kid, and I'm proud of who he's become. Sure love this kid. And no matter how old he gets, or how much taller he is compared to me, he'll always be my little brother.

P.S. I'm at USC, and I've been living in LA for a week! Complete craziness, but it's an exciting adventure learning to adjust to everything. More pictures and stories coming soon. Hopefully sooner than it took me to post this time. :)

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