Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life...

For years I've thought about blogging. It sounded fun and they look adorable. But I just didn't think my life was exciting enough to frequently document it online. So I remained blog-less.

But then I came across some really neat blogs- all about people with simple, ordinary lives, made cool by their own, well, for lack of a better word, coolness. In the last six months or so, I've kind of become addicted to blogs. I've probably read YOURS and LOVED it.

The other day a friend (with a lovely blog herself) suggested I start my own in order to document my adventures in grad school.

The idea stuck, so here I am. And so I begin with a quote from "The Lord of the Rings". I love the montage in "Fellowship..." when Bilbo is describing the seemingly quaint existence of the Hobbits. You can watch it HERE:

Feel free to hum that lovely tune for the rest of the day. Welcome to my simple life. And yes, I do believe in celebrating it. :)


  1. simple lives are my favorite, I'll be honest. :) I'm so excited to read about your adventures! YAY!

  2. YOU GOT A BLOG!!!! this is great. i love it. don't compare it to anyone else's... just let it scream 'you!' and spill your thoughts and memories. i don't know why i'm giving you this advice but it's easy to get sucked in to blogs and not being as nifty or frequent or whatever as the next blog. i LOVE yours. I LOVE YOU!! i'm excited to come back often!!! xoxo!

  3. What a great title for your first post. The best things in life are the simple things-
    rain on springtime flowers
    hummingbirds feeding
    a child's smile
    the smell of freshly cut wood
    the gurgle of a mountain spring
    grass under bare feet
    ad infinitum

    The blog title...brilliant. Wish I had a cool name like yours with which to make puns. Those are my favorite type of jokes.

    Godspeed in grad school.